6 Hours slow-cooked Lamb shoulder with 3 marinated to choose + 2 sides (6 people)

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Ethically Sourced Lamb Shoulder

Our 6 hours slow cook lamb shoulder with 3 choices of sauce/marinaded to choose from and accompagnied with fresly cook sides will make a flavoursome meals for you to share in your table.

Succulent and meltingly tender, this dish of meaty lamb shoulder has the most amazing deep and intense flavour and will please everyone tastebuds

(6 guests)

Sides1 (choose 1)

Dauphinoise potatoes

Sea salt roasted potatoes

Roasted baby potatoes in thymes

Crushed baby potatoes skin in butter sea salt and chives

Lebanese rice

Sides 2 (choose 1)

Rainbow root vegetables

Baked fennel & parmesan crust

Seasonal mix green tossed in sesame

Mix Provencal vegetables

Roasted butternuts tossed in almond